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4 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Fall

By September 19, 2021April 19th, 2022No Comments

As the season transitions outside, the interior of your home can also subtly reflect this change. Autumn is the perfect time to bring new colors, textures, and aromas into your space to create the cozy and comforting holiday atmosphere we all enjoy.

1.Bring A Warm Welcome

Creating a welcoming entryway seems to be at the top of everyone’s decor to-do list with the holiday season around the corner. We have previously discussed how this area is the first visual point for guests, setting the tone for the entire home’s design. With that in mind, it is important to select decor that conveys a warm and welcoming feeling. By layering this area with wreaths, seasonal vegetables, and greenery, your entry will become a fall oasis with plenty of appeal.

2.Trade Your Textiles

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your living space is to swap its textiles. Bring in your favorite chunky throws, decorative pillow covers, and cozy bedding. Designer tip: If you are looking to venture away from traditional patterns such as plaid, consider more playful options like animal print and deep-colored velvets.

3.Pick Seasonal Flowers & Foliage

Fall floral arrangements are a great way to continue to experience the outdoors after summer comes to an end. Plus, they allow you to incorporate a natural element in your home while giving it a chic seasonal upgrade. Think of eucalyptus, dried grasses, pumpkins, and pinecones as decorative items and arrangement filler. When it comes to florals, some of our favorites are Chrysanthemums, Hydrangeas, Marigolds, and Celosia.

4.Cue fall with a fresh aroma

Did you know that our sense of smell has a strong link to our memory and emotional regions of the brain? So it comes as no surprise that we gravitate towards candles during this season of gathering, a precious time we wish to hold onto in memory. Set the mood this season with some of our favorite candles that emit signature fall notes we all love–from warm sandalwood to pumpkin spice.

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