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5 Materials To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen and Bath

By August 7, 2021April 19th, 2022No Comments

Whether you are looking to build or remodel your dream home, the material selection process is one that should be thoughtfully considered. Below we offer five materials interior designers recommend when designing your kitchen or bath.


This well-known stone has made its mark in history, from historical buildings to artistic structures. Want to bring the same artistic charm and luxurious feel into your home? Marble may be the material for you. There is no one space we recommend placing marble for interiors, but we most commonly see it used within baths and kitchens–think marble countertops, flooring, and walls. In addition, because of its versatility, marble can blend well with any contemporary or traditional design concept. Below details some of our favorite and most requested marble options.

Arabescato: Italian marble with a unique structure showing large and small egg-shaped areas of white surrounded by light gray veins. Some slabs may have a slight amount of burgundy or green mixed in the veins.

Carrara: A marble named after its region of origin, Carrara, Italy. This stone can appear soft and feathery with a white/gray field and light gray veining, which tend toward blue-gray.

Calacatta: Italian marble also quarried in Carrara, Italy. Calacatta can have a bright white background and a range of tones from gold to taupe to dark gray. Note that the Calacatta Gold slab shown above leans more towards the gold and taupe tones.  

Perlado: An Italian marble characterized by its ivory field enriched with arabesques and hints of calcite, with a mother of pearl effect that evokes the inside of seashells.

Statuario: A well-known Italian marble that has a pure white background and medium gray veins that run across the stone. Unlike Calacatta, this marble has fewer variations, so there is a more distinct contrast between its light and dark tones.


Some consider quartzite a sister stone to marble, both natural stones with a similar aesthetic. This material can be a beautiful option for those seeking a stone denser than marble.

Mont Blanc: A stone quarried from bedrock in Brazil. It can have a light gray/taupe background with darker gray veining. Some slabs can have areas that are stark white or have light oxidation.

Taj Mahal: A popular stone with soft white, gray, or golden taupe veins running throughout. 


Granite is a very dense stone used throughout homes and commercial spaces for those seeking economical and hardworking counters. Granite forms when magma slowly cools under the Earth’s surface. It is the hardest stone, next to a diamond! There are many levels of granite and it is important to choose a grade 3 or higher as it will be cut thicker and will feature rare colors, patterns, and veins.

4.Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been used in commercial and residential areas for years, known for its durability, hygienic properties, and low maintenance. In our local area, we have witnessed the use of stainless countertops and how it ages to a smooth and rich patina. This material is perfect for those looking to achieve a clean and timeless look.


Many of those looking for organic natural aesthetics gravitate toward wood options as they add warmth and comfort to a space. Although the maintenance for wood is a bit more laborious, needing to be treated with a protectant to prevent water damage, it remains a highly requested material. Aside from a butcher block counter, think about wood in other areas of your kitchen, perhaps a unique cabinet or nook.

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