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Shades of White

By June 8, 2021April 19th, 2022No Comments

Are you on the hunt for the perfect white paint color? As you may have already discovered, the selection process can be slightly overwhelming. One walk down the hardware paint aisle will have your head spinning, with hundreds of white swatches with undertones spanning from blue, purple, grey, green, and yellow. Who knew there was such a wide variety of white? We are here to share our favorite shades to take the guesswork out of paint selection.

The colors below are our top recommendations, but we advise you to gather samples of your favorite shades and place them in the desired space during different times of the day before committing to one. Sunlight can truly affect the overall appearance of your paint, highlighting certain undertones that may or may not work well with other pieces in your space.


Chantilly Lace: This shade has a sort of delicate feel, with soft undertones. Although there is not a 100% pure white paint, this one comes pretty close to reflecting that. This option is commonly used with crisp grey and black shades or clean colors.

White Dove: If you are searching for a warmer white, White Dove is a great option. This color is highly versatile, with slight yellow and grey undertones.

Intense White: Of the many white shades, Intense White leans more to the greyscale of off-white. With a hint of a green undertone, this color has a sense of warmth and depth. If you plan to use various shades of grey in your space, this paint will complement those shades beautifully.

Swiss Coffee: Another option that is part of the Benjamin Moore off-white collection is Swiss Coffee. This creamy white pairs well with earthy brown, beige, and muted tones. 

Pure White: For those looking for a cooler white, the Sherwin-Williams Pure White shade is a great option. The slight grey undertone allows this shade to appear bright without looking stark. This shade pairs well with a blue and grey color scheme. 

Alabaster: We have mentioned Benjamin Moore’s well-known creamy white; now it is time to recognize the Sherwin-Williams version–Alabaster. This shade is a subtle cream with a beige undertone.

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